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Canvas Cover - Aarhus/Århus

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This list shows all registered entries of the branch Canvas Cover from Aarhus/Århus.

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GP Covers - Jolle og bådpresenninger - Vinterpresenninger

Boat covers and transport protection

Thomas Iermiin
Bakketoften 15a
8541 Skødstrup
Tel.: +45 7027 5999

Dinghy, boats and Yachts covers in very high quality. The perfect protection for yor yacht over winter time. Every cover are individual made and thanks to the breatble material, is very little damp produced.

MP Sejl v/GP Covers

New sails for all sailors, service and repairs

Bakketoften 15a-b
8541 Skødstrup
Tel.: +45 7027 5999

At MP Sail you get a lot for your money regardless of whether you are for pleasure, long-distance or racing.

We like to take maéasurenments or offer an offer based on your old sails. The sailcloth is from Dimension and the sails are sewn by specialists in China. That's why you get more for your money when you buy a MP sail!